Her Garden Gym & WIFE Events founder Jacqueline Hooton of Bognor Regis cyber abused me for months

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Above is from the Mail Online:

My abuser below. Jacqueline Hooton from Bognor regis, owner of WIFE Events and http://www.hergardengym.co.uk. Plus her daughter Poppy Hooton a student of psychology from Swansea University started the chain of abuse.

What you won’t see on heres a loaded gun from Jacqueline because she had a team of people working with her so she was the circus master and had everyone else doing her dirty work so she could keep her nose clean. Since she had to pay out around £100,000, she had disappeared from the main fitness industry and WIFE events no longer seems to exist but it seems that in 2016 she opened up a women’s retreat at her home in Bognor Regis ‘Her Garden Gym’. My advice is never ti get involved with someone like her. Obsessive, jealous, nasty and calculated.

One of Jacqueline’s ‘hit squad’ a photographer Paul Corkery has now been sent to prison for sexual abuse on two models for two years and has been placed on the sex offenders register for 10 years. Another Kerry Bishop stole money from me and I had to take her to court in October 2015, I naturally won the case. Another girl called Jane we found on a website for prostitutes.

The posts at first may seem ‘tame’ but keep scrolling and reading. I eventually got threatened off Paul Corkery the pervert. He threatened to ‘shoot’ me and push concrete in my face…

Jacqueline is over ripe, has a sour face an personality and will always be one of life’s failures.


My blog is written openly as no confidentiality clause is in place which was at my request to my legal team. The blog openly shows the actual posts written to harm me. Hate posts and messages. A sustained campaign of hate.

Today I received my £15,000 settlement cheque from my abuser. My legal bills which she also had to pay amounted to approx £57,000. She also had her own legal bills which could well have reflected mine. Can you really afford to use social media as a way to attack someone and demonstrate your hate towards someone?

Two of my abusers have already come forward and apologised to me for their involvement. I spoke to one for over 30 minutes. I have no ill feeling towards her. She was lied to and manipulated and she even said she should never have got involved and pulled out early when she saw it was getting out of hand. 

Please read my story and learn from it. Everyone can take something away from this…

Names are not essential to be mentioned in this blog apart from my abuser Jacqueline Hooton and her daughter Poppy Hooton who are also named across media. The others simply mention their own names in public posts they shared with the world over social media. All these people are personal trainers or work in the fitness arena in the UK. The ring leader and her daughter thought up the chain of events.

Jacqueline Hooton my abuser owns WIFE Events, an apparent female empowerment business which was built as she was tearing me and my business down. Her daughter Poppy Hooton is a psychology student at Swansea university. Poppy during her studies has been given the tools of the trade to understand how to best attack me. It should be noted that every word they said about me is total fabrication and very misleading. This is the first time since the abuse I have shared everything. The abuse started 10th December 2013 and continued until around February/March 2014.

They called me a bully, an abuser, a liar, dictator, narcissist, that I harass, threaten and then isolate my victims. That I am a c**t and a bitch. The list goes on and my legal documents are also attached should you wish to see everything. However it is Hooton that is the social chameleon and all of the above, she is merely explaining her own traits. 

My name is Sarah Donohue. I am a former stunt girl, international Powerboat champion, 2x World fitness champion, TV presenter and motivational speaker.  This is my true story of cyber abuse and bullying.

I never thought someone as strong as me could be the victim of bullying.  I don’t like the word victim because I never thought I would become one. I read an article by an experienced journalist in the Huffindon post that said the older someone gets, the less likely they are to report being bullied because they feel ashamed, and to stop cyber abuse there is an importance to speak about it and to name the abusers.

This blog takes you through several months of my suffering by displaying the untruthful and humiliating public posts I had to deal with on a daily basis posted by my abuser and her friends. I chose not to retaliate but instead to seek legal assistance. It took two years for me to speak about it in the Mail Online. Speaking out has changed my life. I now feel back to ‘normal’. Most of all, I am grateful for having friends who stood by me and listened to me day after day after day. I must have bored the shit out of them. But without them I would have gone crazy.

My abuser is a habitual liar and manipulator as can be seen throughout…

I am the founder of Europe’s only all female fitness show Miss Galaxy Universe which teams athletic ability with bikini and evening wear rounds. We work to motivate and  inspire women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. I love my job and I love working with women. It’s my work, my passion and my hobby.

The cyber attack starts because the abusers daughter Poppy Hooton lost her show titles after refusing to acknowledge her ambassador role as a title holder, and acting unbecoming of a pageant winner over social media, she then went on to threaten me. She was still given the choice to continue in her role but refused. So therefor it was her choice not to continue, not mine, but the mother took it out on me goaded by her daughter. All we asked Poppy to do was to promote the show’s calendar on her FB wall just once. She refused but was happy to promote her own calendar she received via the show.

So it started on the 10th December 2013 and then progressed once the mother had gathered together her “hit squad”. You will see the same names over and over. The plan for ‘revenge’ was thought up by the psychology student by her own admittance posting it over social media. See how it gathers momentum. 

Barcroft TV intervie


The above post was then followed by another two posts saying “9pm is it then!!” and “Tick Tock!”

Her announcement below at 10pm. At this point the goading and abuse had been going on a while and I had emailed my abuser with a lawyer friend copied in politely saying that whatever her issue was with me, then to let it go, leave me alone and get on with her own life and we should go our separate ways. I do believe her post below was played down because of potential legal involvement, but regardless, once her ‘hit squad’ started, it just escalated. As you can see they even shared her post. All the people below commenting knew what was going on in her not so cleverly thought out plan. 








The above post rambled on endlessly.

Below: A message to one of my closest friends trying to get them to ‘turn’ on me. Suggesting I had stripped her daughter of her titles and that I had been abusive and threatening.

Readers of this blog. My abuser still denies any wrong doing. She still defames me to everyone she meets suggesting me a liar and that I am making all of this up ever though it has been checked fully by lawyers for the press and my legal battle was successful. But the bottom line is. I emailed her in December 2013 to ask her politely to go her own way and to leave me alone. She ignored me and continued with the abuse. It has cost her over £100,000 through the High Courts and I am now sharing a huge amount of what I had to endure with you. Please make your own mind up. Facebook user below is my abuser. She had blocked me by then. I blank certain peoples names out because they don’t belong in this blog. 



And the messages to close friends and colleagues continue trying to get them to turn against me to ruin my reputation. Her sole aim was to ruin me by telling lies to anyone that would listen… And below she openly names me, but then continues to manipulate and lie. Yet again I state she could not produce a defence for the High Court. She had nothing. 

As you see below, my abuser is delusional stating I was using her daughter to get at her. But why would I? The abuser left my show on great terms writing me and the team a letter of thanks. The whole thing is bizarre. There was nothing I could ever want from my abuser, she had no profile, little knowledge about the business, no connections and  was by far less qualified. I had helped build what little she had. Every magazine and newspaper she had been in. I had put her there. This was my repayment.


 21st Jan 05.40 from JH to one of my supreme champions. “The girls, well maybe not quite so supportive of those sent to spy on me but I understand they are being brainwashed so I forgive them. In the meantime a young girls FB account has been suspended, she cannot use a single stage shot (some 47 all reported) although they’ve been paid for. Guess who is claiming copyright? I understand why you may be holding out for a magazine cover, I really do. You deserve at least that. Youre an intelligent woman, work it out x”” My abuser was privately messaging everyone she could to turn against me. Mass manipulation. 


 Below you will see her daughters ‘PLAN FOR REVENGE” this was a segment from the press.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 20.12.48

Above you see the daughter plotting the plan for ‘revenge’ and her mum below stating ‘the gloves are off’ and ‘revenge is sweet.’ Then you will see it all unfold…12573227_10205483282662366_3550289043761985489_n

Taken from the Mail Online.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 20.12.08

Above is a picture of myself, and below (right) My abuser on the left and the photo was taken in better times.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 20.12.13

Below: My abuser hoping to manipulate people into being involved so I wouldn’t be able to sue everyone because it would cost too much. She never mentioned my name openly leaving everyone else to mention it hoping legal action could be avoided. Not naming someone is not a defence in defamation law. Especially when they name you to people privately and those messages are passed on. However I was only interested in suing the ring leader. But, for the others on this blog, take note that you all put yourself in the position of being sued which is exactly what she wanted.

I have no idea why these people are joining in. One of them I don’t even know. The others I have met on occasion, all officially with others present, never on a 1 on 1 basis.

Hootons post below.




The woman below who runs the SFN Sisterhood at the Glasgow fitness expo tried to goad me into a reaction. But at this point I had my legal team in place and it was about collecting evidence not getting involved in their obsession. She is also married to a police officer and should have known better.



No idea who this male below is…



The PT below. Never met her before!! She doesn’t know the first thing about me…but she is best friends with the girl above from SFN Expo Sisterhood as you will see in her hate mail to me. Below ending ‘Au’revoir Bitch!’ Apparently her dad was Don Beech of ‘The Bill”


Above… I don’t train at that girls gym, I have no idea who she is…


Below: My abuser and her daughters photographer






I again don’t know any of these people…especially the one below with the foul mouth or the guy above with the bald head and vicious tongue but i am aware he is the photographer for the abuser and her daughter.





Below: Boasting, enjoying every minute…



My story is written with public safety in mind, truth and honest opinion form the body of this blog. This is written with information I collated over many months of abuse, plus information I have been presented with off several individuals who were sent untruthful messages about me by my abuser. Plus new people stepping forward apologising personally to me for the harm they caused now this is in the national press.

Social media allows everyone ‘their’ freedom of speech regardless of the damage it can do. There is no confidentiality clause with this settlement and in this blog you will be able to read the ‘Particulars of Claim’ issued under the High Courts and her settlement. I have no need to keep them private. It’s my choice to share because sharing helps me come to terms with it. Mental recovery from this type of abuse doesn’t happen overnight. Ask any victim. We all have our own way of dealing with it and this is mine. I want people to really see what I went through, because from what I hear, she is still trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes. Anyone can be a bully and anyone can get bullied.

It is important that I clear my name and my show name Miss Galaxy Universe from the damage her and her daughter and friends caused. The upsetting thing is her continued denial of what actually happened, although readers of this blog can make up their own minds, after all, its all documented right here in its full glory.

For the readers of this blog, ask yourself the question. If you were innocent of all wrong doing, would you have agreed to pay my legal bills of approx £57,000 and offer me £15,000 in damages? Of course not. If you were innocent you wouldn’t part with £1. With their own legal costs as well, their stupidity has probably cost them over £100,000.

Her settlement below:



The mother and daughter became the leaders of a ‘hit squad’, a group of easily led individuals who became a mob fuelling each other as you can see. These posts once public, are here again for public viewing. There were around a 1000 in total.

I was called over social media to 1000s of people, an abuser, a narcissist, a dictator, a bully, a bitch, a cu** and a liar, that I abuse and threaten people and ‘isolate my victims’. The named abuser still believes she has done nothing wrong.

Mary Stringer for the Metro wrote, “Outing cyber bullies must be made easier – it’s the only way we can stop them.”

Settlement was made in May 2015 to my surprise, prior to High Court proceedings. This campaign was her daughters idea as seen in her own public posts.

People were manipulated into spreading malicious rumours across the fitness industry to try and ruin all that myself and my team have built. An all-female show which is there to give confidence and promote health and fitness to women of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds. All this because of bitterness and jealousy.

I have written this blog so everyone whose opinion of me it may have affected, now sees the truth and can build their own opinion. Two of the ‘hit squad’ have already apologised to me. One of them had no idea how much damaged it caused me and was horrified by her own actions when she read them back. She asked me to forgive her, it took a lot of guts for her to apologise. I am happy to say we are soon to meet for coffee and I have no ill feeling towards her and she will be coming to the show this year.

Mother and daughter still refuse to apologise and live in denial. Why didn’t I hold out for the apology? Because it was 3 weeks before my wedding in Marbella and there was no confidentiality clause so in effect this is better because people can see the truth by reading about it and now my abuser looks even worse by not apologising when some of her hit squad have already come forward and apologised for joining in.  3 weeks before my wedding. The timing was perfect!

So why won’t they apologise? I can safely say their arrogance holds them back as they still to this day try to manipulate people. Let me repost the message below. She states she cant afford to be discredited. Apologising would be discrediting herself. She thinks only of herself.

11887910_10204715349744523_4000799149303500959_nPictures and facts speak volumes. I will never forget what they did and I will never forgive them. Had they have done this to someone weaker, that person may have never recovered. Cyber abuse causes suicides. 

Below: Boasting about ruining my reputation taken from The Mail Online…



Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 20.12.38

Below: The 3rd year psychology student daughter who had the costly ‘plan for revenge’

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 20.12.22

I called GM police on the 16th January 2014 when the attack hit its highest point and I’d had suggestions of threats made towards me. The police told me I needed a lawyer because it was civil not criminal and as I hadn’t actually been physically attacked, they could do nothing. However PC McCann did phone my abuser straight away and asked her to stop, but that’s all she could do. My abuser did in fact agree, and the PC called me back to tell me the good news. But it didn’t work, it made it worse. Below: See what happened after the phone call.

It should be noted that the police simply do not help with this sort of issue because it isn’t criminal. I have since asked for help off them twice regarding this same person, but they said it’s civil. These comments were made within an hour or so of PC McCann asking her to stop. I knew at this point, if the police couldn’t help. No one could. This is when my husband made me call the National Bullying Helpline for advice. I used their services several times. There were amazing and I still keep in touch.

Can you see the same names cropping up time and time again?


Below: She is married to a police officer and run SFN Sisterhood at the Glasgow Fitness Expo in August. Steer clear in my opinion…









During the attack you could see the excitement growing inside the ring leader as the momentum of the attacks became more vicious. Boasting about feeling empowered, it was quite horrific to see the pleasure she was getting out of another woman’s pain. And again on both posts below asking for people not to ‘mention names’ because she wanted to keep her nose clean. Three months from morning to the evening I had to put up with a 1000 posts like this.





Below ‘hypothetically’ my abuser talks about naming me publicly would run the risk of libel. But if lots of people named me, then by her own admittance in a post seen earlier ‘lets all get sued, it could cost them quite a lot to take us all on.” She wants people to join in, because she wants to protect herself. Its a very carefully orchestrated plan.

As you can see below, she uses the excuse on research for her ‘book’ to draw people in. I wonder how her book is going? Its quite ironic that everything she accuses me of being and doing, she is and she does. She is in fact describing herself in her true form in all of her own posts. I am still waiting proof of all the threats I have made to people. I will be waiting until hell freezes over though.



The man below. The best friend of the ring leader, both of them models with Models of Diversity. He attended the show in October 2013 free of charge. I met him once for less than 30 seconds, here both him and the owner of Models of Diversity comment. I met her also for 30 seconds. I have no time for idiots like this.






I don’t even know these mindless idiots who join in.

This is what I had to endure all day every day as well as horrific private messages. This affected every part of my life. Don’t let this happen to you. Report it today and take action.

The interesting thing to note here is that for the whole legal case which stretched to over 18 months. I did not retaliate once even though they did everything in their power to get a reaction from me. I did not contact anyone or speak over facebook, neither did I prior to the legal case, yet here they accuse me of verbal abuse and threats and crying murder. But there was no proof of any of this for her defence because every single one of these people lied to cause harm and to manipulate others who were unaware of the ‘real’ situation. The only one threatened and abused was me.





I have never heard of or met any of these people below, why they would get involved is beyond me. Seriously, who are you trolls?





At first the abuser denied the posts were about me. Bearing in mind her friends had named me anyway. My legal team asked many questions about her bizarre posts. We asked that if they weren’t about me who were they about? And what was the story behind the comments being made? This would have been her defence. But her legal team never answered the questions we asked. She later admitted in legal papers the comments were about me and said her defence would be built on ‘truth and honest opinion’. But she couldn’t and didn’t even submit a defence based on that because there wasn’t any truth or honesty in it. It’s called a cul-de-sac of deceit. She settled before the time limit for the defence being filed under the High Courts. She didn’t actually have a choice to be fair. However I would have loved to have watched her in the dock against my barrister. I would pay any sum of money to watch that. She thought she was smart. She isn’t. 




And abuse via instagram. I didn’t even have an instagram account at this point.


And then the sob story began with the Hooton’s posting loads of these types of pictures up and family pictures seeking likes and messages of support. Cheers guys, you were supporting them abusing me and trying to ruin my life. You just didn’t know you were being manipulated by these harridans. Although everyone in the post below was a part of the Hit Squad.


I don’t know any of these people below either…


Below: It makes me wonder if half of these people on this blog need psychological help… The interesting thing was that as soon as my lawyers got involved and it became serious. All these posts stopped and everyone disappeared. I wonder how they feel re-reading their abusive, manipulative, deceitful and defamatory posts? I have no idea who these people are…

If you attached your own name without even knowing me the you are a fool. The girls that have apologised already, their posts are not on this blog.

You will recognise the names as coming up time and time again… My abusers picture below.


Below…My abuser never mentioning my name but alluding to it and manipulating people to join in.


Below: Apparently I threaten people with court? As they say, a single cyber bully soon becomes a mob because people are easily led. Yes I do call the police when threatened. Why people threaten women I simply don’t know.

IMG_0449 IMG_2203 IMG_2216

And finally,  she boasts about helping ruin my reputation. Then she asks if people have worked it out about who she talks about and then….the biggie ‘THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR MESSING WITH MY DAUGHTER”. But I didn’t did I? I had no contact with her.


Below: I think readers can make up their own minds up with regards her being concerned about ‘black men’. What has colour got to do with anything????


Our show is the most diverse show in the world with a class for all sizes and ages regardless of race. She never did suit my show, she had her own agenda seeking fame, see below for how she also refers to curvy women as Beach Whales. Below a message from my abuser suggesting I change the name of a category to Beach Whales after colours are suggested for bikinis, one other in the convo suggests white, red etc as you may be able to make out. (Jacqueline Hooton is facebook user but i am blocked)

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 02.56.27

Below my abuser calls her new ‘best friend’ … ‘fat’. One of the girls who is all over this blog helping ruin my reputation. As a personal trainer my abuser should show more respect for the female form.


And she continues below:



Below: A message she sent to two other personal trainers about me (sarah&michelle) All lies. None of these messages and texts and voicemails were available on request. Kerrie the tanner who she uses as an example, stole from me and I had to sue her in October 2014 at Guildford magistrates where I was successful and the story went in the newspapers.


She even contacted and lied to my good friend…And wrote to him, ‘she must be stopped!!’. Stopped from doing what I have no idea… She did in fact contact many friends of mine who then passed their messages to me for my lawyer.

So my final thoughts. The people mentioned above are outed. You make your own minds up who was dragged in unaware and who knew exactly what they were doing. Keyboard warriors. Spineless imbeciles who couldn’t even say it to my face. Social chameleons whose main aim was to not only damage me and all that I have, but to also damage the girls in my show who have worked so hard to be there. Calling them ‘fucked up’ and then doing their best to shut my show down. Social media is a great tool for advertising, for keeping in touch with friends and loved ones across the world, for sharing moments and memories. For storing pictures, emotions and events in our life. Social media is a great tool and we have a lot to be thankful for by having it. Please, use it with respect and dignity.

If anyone is affected by cyber abuse, screen shot it and save it. Seek help and advice and if you can. Take it to court. But never let them get away with it. Name and shame them and don’t be afraid. This way is probably the only way they can be stopped. There may be repercussions, but by the time you have been a victim of cyber abuse and hopefully recovered. Let me tell you that nothing they can do will ever effect you again because you will be tougher and not give a damn. Its about survival. After two years of silence. This is my time to speak out. Next time you post on social media. Be careful what you post.

This is my Story, and I needed to speak out.

Sarah Donohue former European Offshore Powerboat Racing Champion, ABPA One-Design Offshore American National Racing Champion, Bond stunt girl, 2x World Fitness Champion, Motivational speaker with City Speakers, founder of Miss Galaxy Universe and proud fighter of cyber bullies…

Management – Big Bang Management



For the full story please visit the Mail Online, 19th January 2016. Use either of our names and key words to search.

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